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Paper Tea Bags
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Selling Tea Paper Sacks
Tea paper sacks are paper sacks that are specifically designed for tea packaging. These paper sacks are generally made of 4 layers of paper and 1 aluminum foil laminated paper. The use of aluminum foil aims to maintain the quality of the tea itself from damage that can be caused by temperature, water, humidity, and fungus at the time of shipment, both locally and for export.

Food Grade Paper Sacks
Our tea paper sacks are food grade standards because they are supported by quality raw materials, reliable workforce, precise work procedures and adequate facilities.
Food Grade itself is a term to describe the class of materials that can be in direct contact with food ingredients. A material is considered Food Grade if the material will not move or transfer harmful or toxic substances to the food we will eat.

We provide tea paper bags in 2 types:
1. Sewing type paper sack
2. Pasted type paper sacks
3. Pasted type funnel paper sacks

Specifications of tea paper sacks
The following are the specifications of the tea paper sacks we provide:

Using white kraft paper or brown kraft paper for the outer cover section
Use aluminum foil lamination for the deepest part which is food contact with tea
Can be printed 1.d. 4 colors
Filling capacity: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 40 and 50 Kg
Size can be custom according to customer demand
Can use 1.d. 6 ply paper

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